privacy policy

The following document sets forth the privacy policy for the saints nail wraps app on google play and the apple app store and also covers the related website

  1. Your privacy is of paramount importance to the team at saints nail wraps and we would not ask for personal information unless it was essential for whatever reason may arise.
  2. In the highly unlikely event that we did ask for information, we would not share any information except where we are bound by law to do so or protect the interests of saints nail wraps or related website.
  3. We do not ask for any information to use our app and do not store information on users to make the process of using the app simple.
  4. In the event that we did ask for any personal information or used software to collect such data, we would not knowingly share that data unless as stated in number 2 of our privacy policy
  5. Any personal information shared to us on related social media websites will only be used as intended and stated in the terms and agreements of the social media network of which it appears
  6. We here at saints nail wraps reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any given time and without prior notice